Short one Day Trip from  Hyderabad to Bidar

Short one Day Trip from Hyderabad to Bidar

By: Shan
11 Apr 2016

Short one Day Trip from  Hyderabad to Bidar
1-Day Trip: (147 Kilometers from Hyderabad)
Bidar is the location that is located in Karnataka. It takes 3 hours of time to reach to Bidar from Hyderabad.
Preferred journey time should be early morning, i.e. 5 a.m. Bike and Car are the maximum preferred since buses are not available by that time. But believe me! you are going to dwell in the places for hours n hours once you reach there.   

Best Times to Visit Bidar: October - February

Food: As you are a one day traveller, so you can bring your own food to eat at your interesting place. Or else many restaurants and centers are near to the places where you are going to visit.
Places to Visit in Bidar:

1. Bidar Fort
It is the Persian styled biggest fort of India, which is the most visited tourist place. Within it Rangin Mahal, Gagan Mahal, Chaubara, Solah-Khamba Mosque and Takhat Mahal are placed. Tourists can get great relaxation and refreshment and lots of lively pictures can be taken from here.

2. Sikhs Holiest Place (Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib)
It is located in the nice valley that has been surrounded by hills on 3 sides.  

3. Papnash Shiva Temple
 There is spring that flows into the pond, so it is popularly known by name Papnash.  Devotees’ believes that dipping into the pond will wash away the sins.

4. Narassimha Jhira Cave Temple

    Specialty of this temple is water way to see the Narasimha Swamy Statue, one of the avatars of Vishnu. It will be an adventurous feet for visitors.


 It is located at 2 kms from the railway station of Bidar. Chubara is the old clock tower that is located at the heart of the Bidar city. It has been constructed for observation purpose before the Islamic - period, with 71 feet height. From the top of the tower entire city can be seen.




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