Phir bhi Dil hai Hindustani

Phir bhi Dil hai Hindustani

By: Shan
16 Dec 2015

Sare Jahan se acha ,  Hindustan humara………… yes we mean it and believe it with every word the phrase has: not all the countries we know of are good at acceptance, tolerance: Our beloved India did …..until the word intolerance taking its political shape:

While every Indian,irrespective of his religion believes that India is safest place to live in , with most diverse cultures …until…until politicians divide us for their selfish cause.

We get goose bumps when we hear patriotic songs “ Kar chale hum fida jaano tan saathiyon, ab tumhare hawale  watan sathiyon”, “ Aisa des hai mera” etc: We Indians know how to value others pinions, cultures , differences as  it has been a part of our great value system:

Then why are we being diverted with the lunatic political issues: Why we tend to hate people who talk their heart out: Why we are slamming Shahrukh and aamir khan for their intolerant statements: If we can take the time out to listen once again of what they said, we would understand, that they did not say anything wrong: Why is the church been attacked lately? Why the Muslim family beaten to death for what they eat? Why a hindu guy was slammed when he entered a Muslim community with saffron clothes? Why are we dividing the colors and the animals? Cow is for hindu and goat is for Muslim? Why are we going backward in our thoughts?

World is watching us for our prestigious ISRO contributions to space, Mr Modi making new deals with the governments and our sports stars shining at various events, and for many more reasons: The preliminary issues like poverty and corruption have been left behind and the communal issues have been discussed in greater pace  in social media.

Even the news headlines nowadays are beyond funny.Can we get to hear any news headlines like the ones below.

“ 40 people who overheard that  a family is starving in certain place  went  to contribute food , clothing and necessities to them” , “ Random social media group slammed the government and continue to protest till the farmer’s issues are addressed” : It seem to be the distant dream, yet i dare to dream of such united India. Where people fight not for religion, but for humanity.

While we can do much more with the power within us, we tend to waste our energy by stopping a certain star’s movie, a star’s promotional events etc:

We should do what we have been doing, accepting the differences and still stand tall as a nation,  prove the political system that we are not a herd of sheep to be contaminated and directed with the religious issues: and prove them  “ Hum logon ko samajh sako tho samjo dilbar jaani, jitna bhi tum samjho ge uthni hogi hairani, phir Bhi dil hai Hindustani

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