New Revelation to Kejriwal in an Open end discussion with Gandhiji at His home

New Revelation to Kejriwal in an Open end discussion with Gandhiji at His home

By: Shan
24 Feb 2016

Gandhiji met Kejriwal Family, Ordered Kejriwal to Takeover CBI into His Fold, Immediately Seat on Indian PM in the Yesterdays Meet
AAP Chief and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has confirmed that he got an order from Mahatma Gandhi to become as the PM of India and to take the full control over the CBI too. The meeting was very frank and happened on yesterday as per his belief. But the respective Delhi CM forgot to mention that was happened in the dream or hallucination. Arvind Kejriwal considers himself as the one who enhances the politics level in India. He expressed indirectly by keeping the name Gandhi.

Kejriwal seems to be in the hallucination stage of Munnabhai MBBS movie in which he assumes that Gandhi spoke with the lead actor of that movie. He confirms that he did an open discussion with Gandhiji that includes not only politics but also sports and movies as well. It is a billion dollar question for many Indians that why did Gandhi come into his home instead of many of his followers, and knowing Kejri’s opinions on recent Bollywood movies release updates on Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale seems as the faking news stunt to stay in public focus. He also claimed once he takes charge as the Indian PM Democracy levels of politics is going to sky fly.

Sunita Kejriwal also met Gandhiji in Kejri’s home and discussed on Delhi PM’s scathing issues. One more important revelation to Kejriwal by Gandhiji is instructed to become as PM by his virtue of qualities honesty and peacefulness. Kejriwal’s doctors informed that he is in other world and speaking with invisible items and calling his wife as - Modi ModiModi. AAP leaders as saying it as Schizophrenia a disorder type but doctors says it as the new political stunt.


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