Never end-up attitude makes Virat Kohli as Best Skipper of India: By Srikkanth

Never end-up attitude makes Virat Kohli as Best Skipper of India: By Srikkanth

By: Shan
25 Feb 2016


àNever end-up attitude of Kohli is appreciated

àAccording to the views of Srikkanth, Kohli turn out to be as the best cricket leader for the Indian team

àFinally Srikkanth said: Kohli fights till the end by standing from the front

Indian Cricket team FormerCaptain Kris-Srikkanth has given an outstanding complement to thunderbolt batsman Virat Kohli as the future leader who is going to exalt the team success with his never-end up attitude and masterful skills on the pitch. He states, adaptability and readiness spirit of Kohli are exceedingly fantastic.

When you observe the game approaching style of Virat Kohli, a wisely adaptive cricketer can be seen who is able to play well instead of game format changes. To completely turn into a complete cricketer, adaptable skills are the mandatory need in the clinical playground, expressed by Srikkanth in the Right Management Program that organized in Mumbai.  

Srikkanth the former BCCI chairman has applauded the never-give up team spirit of Virat Kohli. He appreciated the fighting nature and combating style of Kohli by standing front in the team’s difficult times but not staying behind and motivating other players.

Srikkanth, the one who is part of the 1983 world-cup success has looked back into the previous glorious moments and once again he praised the leadership skills of Kapil Dev. He described that, Sunny’s(Gavaskar) captaincy approach was to reach perfection first and then target on the win but when coming to KapilDev, he was incomparable and very different than any. But he positively commented on both Kapil’s and Sunny’s captaincy.

He outlined the characteristic attitude of KapilDev is the major component that presented a World cup trophy to India. Kapil is the guy who never scared about the daunting skills of any team irrespective of its fame, bowlers, batsman or any, added by Kris Srikkanth. 


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