My Weightloss journey –Part Conclusion – Gym and toning

My Weightloss journey –Part Conclusion – Gym and toning

By: Shan
29 Apr 2016

Aaah , finally the conclusion. Its tough to bid adieu to all you beautiful readers out there: Theres a connection with you that’s been established over the weeks that could not be explained in mere words. My partner often remarks : Am I not sufficient for you to stuff on all the stupid and non sense jokes , fitness related updates every day” , Why do you need  to pen down this trauma as if its some kind of adventure or a charitable deed. I promptly waved his remarks back saying “ you could not stop sunshine with your palms, the sun indeed will glow no matter what” . How filmy?? Huh I should be writing scripts for films as well   . yeah I know I would make a very bad copied script. phew..

Well , first things first, I have been on a drastic makeover for the couple of months as I have subscribed to a gym membership for 3 months. The best part is going with my partner. Yes, I grabbed him along as I felt gym is not my kinda fitness regime. Its so boring and without companion , I would feel lost. And I was right, it is truly boring with no motivation behind to carry further.

As the trainers ushered us to the warmups and cardio, I felt everybody around is fit except me and my partner. Yes I made him fatso with my great cooking skills (theres nothing wrong in self appreciation when nobody really appreciate your cooking) while he was fit earlier, marriage made him gain easy 8 kgs with just food. The initial days of gym were good , i kept motivating myself and dragging another disinterested species to gym is untold trauma.yet I made sure we go to gym daily  even it coudl be just for 30 minutes.

While I understood that the workout we are doing as fun (only cardio) will not take me to my dream . One of the personal trainers approached us to take the training with the BMI in hand, alas I still have to reduce 16 kgs fat, so horrible. While I shun the idea of PT as I am not happy somebody watching me doing the exercises and hunting around to push more. ( while all the time , im making more fun than the exercise). My partner , to my utter surprise called the personal trainer and asked to give me Persoanl training  without my acceptance. I said I need time. But no body listened and I was drawn to the sessions without my approval.

My trainer is a serious looking zombie as all trainers are. The sight of him make me run away during the initial days. He made me dive away from my comfort zone of doing easy exercises and has been criticizing always for not giving my best.

 This trainer had no expression whatsoever. I thought What? “ Are you going to kill me throughout the workout with that blank expression, Nah…Please I did not like that either”

Initially, the more he tries to push me for the workout, the more im going away with many excuses. I hated the idea of going to gym , probably because of the trainer and his serious face.I felt everything I was doing was wrong and wanted to run away from the gym. Slowly I got the momentum and get accustomed to the workout and the zombie, habituated to the workout. I assured myself, you are going to be really healthy and there’s no looking back and yes I found myself continuing the gym even when my partner was not around.

Personal training helped me tone to a better shape now.

Given the fact that the weight training exercises burns more fat, I was given regimes that mostly boys do, I was apprehensive being bulky and told him the same. He assured me that I wont be developing muscles as do with something on hormones and blah blah…

 I wrathed myself in self sympathy as I was getting up early for the gym, office , Zumba and then home. My partner  is often been supportive with my stupidity and never contemplated me of my absence at home.

 The number of BMIs have been taken month on month and each time there is a significant difference in the fat. Yes  ,its reducing. Nevertheless, my trainer shows no mark of appreciation whatsoever, yeah its gross. Nevertheless I owe him a special appreciation for the tantrums I have shown initially, that I could not do this, could not do that, not today , tomorrow . All the while he patiently reminding every day to come for the workout. Not me , every female gymmer I have seen resists the workouts initially and apprehensive on trying some.

There needs to be lot of patience to bear all that and made them continue . Its kinda tough, atleast for me. I somehow managed to snatch some positive words forcefully from him. My days have been sliding with all the  fitness related talks and thoughts . Im sure people around me are going crazy and often remark me to be obsessed and mad.

There have been multiple remarks, some peoples say I look like a twig while somebody says I look leaner and cleaner on skin. Mom innocent comes up with more and more complaints each day with my weightloss. She desperately wanted me to stop everything and relish on my favorite dishes, Chicken biryani in particular.

My partner discontinued coming to the gym and I was switching on and off with my motivation to go religiously to the gym. While the others at gym praise me that Im doing fine and theres considerable change, I lack the spirit to go there. I dragged my best friend lavs as wel to the same and we are a happily chirping gymmers, often making noises and disturbing others with our giggles. But who cares. All the hunks are busy developing their muscles and taking selfies while the ladies (already thin) making out to shed even more weight to look size hero. With lavs around, my gym routine has really changed to good and so is my spirit. Sharing the random stuff and laughing loud for nothing has been a common sight in the gym now. We enjoy it.

I came down to 60 kgs now and need only 1 kg reduction to achieve the dream. The more I push myself , the more im losing my metabolic rate. During the final phase I realized that there are few things you need to get the place you desired for.. in fitness. Here are my undeniable ingredients  to focus and carry on…

  • Motivation to continue weight loss--- Zumba

  • Some crazy companions—My partner and lavs

  • A hunter pushing you to do more—my zombie trainer

  • And a positive mind—yes I have that, sometimes

Now I could fit in my fav dresses and often snatch appreciations for my dedication to get fit. I am winding up this journey though I need 1 kg reduction for my dream as I might not find time to pen down the story later.

Well folks, after all the reading you might be confused of what my conclusion is towards achieving fitness. Well Fitness is a continuous process and it varies from person to person. I could not really conclude on what should be followed or eaten to get reduced. My body might react different from yours. Yet I have some tips for the people who have lots of fat shown in their BMI. Lets roll it over

  • Have lots of water

  • Take fibre rich foods that your body requires per day

  • Take sufficient protein

  • Have a workout regime that melts your fat periodically?

  • Keep yourself motivated

  • And most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously. Take it lite , take as fun.

Irrespective of how much good you tend to become, some may like your new avatar, some may hate it( like my mom) : Decide what you need and where you want to pause. Cos its your body and you are the sole owner of it .

Cia friends, meet you with another Launchpad!! Keep healthy



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