My Weightloss journey –Part 3 – Zumba he - zumba ha

My Weightloss journey –Part 3 – Zumba he - zumba ha

By: Shan
11 Apr 2016

My Weightloss journey –Part 3 – Zumba he - zumba haaa

Well, I must admit that taking Weighloss pills and , part 2 phase of my journey has been the worst.

None of the actions on the fitness did fetch me any luck . I was on the verge of disappointment, to quit . KFC has been doing much damage to my waistline, while I feel its imperative to have the luxury in food sometimes, I ended up taking often than required. The dominance of chicken in mind never ceased to go: I never thought that I could one day write about my weight loss journey: Thanks for the Zumba and my fitness trainer at gym, I have lost oodles of weight and gained the lost confidence back.

Zumba ,the name enough is suffice to tickle my bones. A form of fun dance activity on the latin songs ideal for weight loss strugglers like me. Ironically I never did a simple step in my whole life and going there to dance is like trauma to me. My partner  persuaded me to start and  said you can leave if you do not like. He even paid for it without asking me of my interest. Eventually this was the best investment and decision my partner  has made for me so far.

Another important thing is wearing track pants and T shirts , shoes to the class. Being a shy girl, I never used to wear pants and T shirts till then. The thought of going to class with these clothes on and dancing in front of others is a thing which I could not digest so easily. It took me few shuntings from my partner, few horrific nights and many hopes to carry on with this escapade.I was told that i  can opt for either morning or evening class.

On the first day I went to the class in the morning ,hoping that there might be very few who could get up so early and I can save myself from the embarrassment. To my disgusting surprise, the class is almost full and I deadly took my position to the class.  The class started and I started copying others for the dance moves and I must confess Im doing it weird , I could see myself in the mirror all over.

The trainer identified my strange way of mixing my own dances with the ones been taught .He asked me whether Im a new joinee. I nodded in agreement. He asked me to stand in the corner and practice the very basic ones till im accustomed to the moves as am currently making horrific mistakes and disturbing the ones standing behind me with my improper steps. Reluctantly I took position in the corner like a punished student in school practicing basic ones while my trainer chorus.1 2 3 4…1 2 3 4.. Ohh it turned out to be a drill class in school: I hated it

The class went on like this for 3 days and I discontinued going there giving ample excuses to my husband that im feeling ill, etc. With another round of attack from him, I decided I would go to the evening class. The trainer in the evening session was a bit energetic and asked his friend( a beautiful girl) to assist me in the basic moves. This girl has become my bestest of buddies now and would be always there to lend her shoulder when I need one.

On the first day when this trainer asked to stretch and explaining the same , he thought i would not understand the local language and told his friend ,it require 3 people to help me stretch. He meant I was huge. This girl knew I understood his comment and felt embarrassed as hell.  

Ting!!! Another joke on my body.. on my face... so harsh....  . I heard other's opinion on my body for the first time. surprisinlgy it did not make me feel bad, but it made me more rigorous to the workout...

I used to wear a jacket on top of T shirt as I was new to the kind of dresses and often been looked upon as a kind of unruly: People used to suggest me , comeon it’s a girls class , you can be comfortable with your clothing . If you keep on eyeing about your clothing you cannot give your workout the best., Gradually I learnt steps and made sure I do not miss any class come what may. This trainer had all praises for me for the determination and I turned to be one of his favorite trainees.

My friend, (lets call her lavs) is one of the finest dancers and I often tend to copy her as she was the main lead in the class. I made friends in the class, friends for life.  Was not  so social till then but this journey  of weightloss has more instore for me, I even attended Zumba party which we rocked all together. This is by far the most exciting phase of my weight loss. Im still continuing with the Zumba classes. The trainer here needs special mention, you can only enjoy these sessions with the enthusiastic trainers . Thankfully I got one. Out of all the friends, lavs and bharti continued to be the integral part and we just felt rich hanging around. We are scattered to different places now but the thought of Zumba brings back all the memories we shared together.

My trainer is enriched with super knowledge on the different moves, stretches and the after workouts . With the continued motivation and exciting classes, I could lose 10 kgs in 8 months. Things have been gradually taking up and I love being shaped up to the new avatar. Shedding 10 kgs has given me noticeable makeover and I owe my huge thanks to my husband (who forego  all my tantrums on food restrictions, blabbering all the time about the Zumba and how I did etc) and to the trainer and my loving friends who constantly ushered me that Im going good with weight loss.

Finally its happening, weight loss my long term dream to turn into a decent weight. Now Im 68 and want to go under 50s : So my target was 59: Just to tell myself that my weight is under 50.( That’s why I don’t mind making it one less than 60 that is 59)

For those who want to know, just making it to Zumba will not shed weight, it helped me go to the workout regularly, food restriction and an acceptable diet plan (not rigorous carb less meal though!!) helped me shed the weight easier.

At this point, I tend to realize that health is more important than being chicken maniac, for ones its lost we have to make tons of changes and efforts to regain it. I gradually decreased my interest and appetite for chicken and restricted to the protein intake I need per daily basis.

 Eager to know whether I made to my target 59, check out the next and the last phase of my journey.My weightloss journey--Conclusion



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