My weight loss Journey Part 2—Weightloss pills and powders

My weight loss Journey Part 2—Weightloss pills and powders

By: Shan
11 Apr 2016

Are you catching up with the earlier parts, well go to the part 1 to know what happened on my first trial of fitness: My weight loss journey Slimming center

If you are desperate on how much weight I lost in slimming centre, I would say it’s around 500- 800 gms: Yes that’s the right figure: on the ninth session, the consultant told me that I’m not reducing as per the schedule as I have chosen a wrong package, I needed inch loss not the weight loss;

She offered me another package with a hefty amount and assured once again to make me lean in 2-3 months .I thought of  running as far as I could , but  held myself there to answer . I told her I shall decide and pay in the next session, which was going to be the last session as per my package.

Needless to mention, neither did I go to the last session, nor have had a positive thing on the slimming centers and the blah blah they do:

And C’mon , how would you expect yourself to drastically change the  diet while you were eating lavishly all through your life? And how would you expect a lazy person like you to go through all the physical activity happily. It ended up on a sore thought that my body is built like that and I could not get the lean shape ever, never.

And then again, I sincerely and shamelessly consoled myself, that im not overweight, im just a bit over chubby and im pretty: While in my mind , I always sketch myself as the old teenage girl with proper looks if not great: First time in life, my mind and heart perfectly coordinated and said yes, you look fine , no more thoughts…

I was not social and party freak and hence getting comments from peers was scarce . I was also camera shy and never took photographs much: Had I clicked some photos earlier, I would have understood my looks way back then.

While I was surfing the old photo album, where all the family members went to an outing,  I once again shattered to the disappointment that my vision of the pretty girl is not true: I look very shabby in photos , irrespective of how good the clothing is : this time around, the inner voice is very clear: you cant fool yourself all through your life:

The fact is you are adding kilos to your body every passing month and you need to do something very serious: The voice was so crisp that I instantly accepted the truth and made up my mind to go with some practically possible solutions.

One of my friend’s dad suggested that I take a weight loss program where the pills and powders are available as a pack and you need to consume them one by one : They make sure that your stomach is full and you do not stuff food in your mouth with every meal:

This operation seem to be less hectic but more costly as I need to part with huge money every month, yes every month, my kind uncle has stacked upon boxes of powders to consume and said, you can pay me later.

While initially I was happy to consume the different flavors of powders, which said to have all the ingredients such as proteins, fibre,……….potassium …………magnesium ,sulphur , carbon di oxide  etc ( kidding, the scientific elements excluded) aS they come up with all healthy elements, you have to live on only these powders and pills and not take any food: just wheat and other fluids if you want to …..

The dislike to these powders and pills and the craving to my dear chicken and rice has come back in a week: I thought I could not do it anymore: When I looked at the stacked powders, I felt all the money is going in vain and hence I had to continue this stupidity

My dear uncle who passed on these powders told me that he is an executive to that company and asked me to join under him: this is a chain , Multi level marketing where you need to join multiple members under you, which could benefit you  in terms of charges and others: 

What?? Are you asking me to go to everybody and say, sir sir , mam mam, please buy this product mam, you are really stout mam, I did not eat for many months mam, if you buy this product , I shall feed my family sir  please sir??

Till then , I only knew I was dumb but upon this incident, I realized I was foolish, stupid, idiotic anyone can make fool of.I happened to read an article in the newspaper where the executives of this company including my uncle has met in an ultra expensive restaurant where they discussed  how to make strategies to make the product sell: the top sales executives have been given benz, Mercedes as rewards and they have the pictures on the newspapers.

I realized how huge this company is making money with the kind of dumb people like me to entertain and encourage. Meetings and rewards have been lavish, and they are making this kind of money by fooling around people like me. How Gross!!

I did not lose any weight with this treatment; rather I was looking like a pale monkey by the end of the fourth box that arrived. One of my best friend’s suggested that I stop using these products as some fellow has got serious health complications with the pills and powders and the news is all over.

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad cos I have stacked upon lots of powders ( As my uncle suggested that we get more in store as the demand is high and the supply is scarce): all the money I poured in dirt and ended up pitying myself for this brainless adventure of weight loss.

With all these failures, the dream for the fitness has never taken a U turn and I still wished to be fit and healthy and needed some miracle to do so:

The next piece is an exciting step towards the same and had some positive hint to continue my journey towards fitness Read it here My weightloss journey-- zumba He Zumba Ha








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