My Weight loss Journey --Part 1—Slimming Center

My Weight loss Journey --Part 1—Slimming Center

By: Shan
14 Mar 2016

                           My Weight loss Journey --Part 1—Slimming Center

                                                                            In continuation to the weight loss introduction

Hey look , you really need to know about me to get to understand my journey, if you havent read my intro, do it here..My weightloss journey--Intro

Now hop on to the next phase of my journey below....

As you can perceive, I waited almost a decade to accept that Im overweight , thanks to my ill fitting dresses , they had a key role in keeping my confidence intact that Im prettily overweight.

Till then , the damage has been done and I weigh good 80 kgs . My arms and feet were growing shabby and my once pretty face was covered with layers of skin which we call double chin: Im sure I used to have triple or multifold chin by then:

This was during 2013-2014 where I realized I have to do something very serious for my weight loss. The journey has been full of pressure, depression, anxiety, frustration etc . Now in 2016, when I look back, weighing around 62 kgs , I concise  that the journey has given not only lessons to learn but also made my mind back to normal.

When we decide to lose weight, the first thing we would do is to enroll in an easy weight loss program and get this rid instantly, yes over the night: I did the same. I happened to go to one of the renowned slimming centers in my place( I would not give the name of the centre as it may shut down if I reveal).  The package is for 5kg weight loss+ 2 inch loss sessions+ free consultation +free BMi

They made me pay the entire amount on the day of enrollment and promised me that im going to look like an angel in 2-3 months.It sounds too good to be true, afterall,  theres a shape in hope after a long time.

Operation weight loss begun… Had butterflies in my stomach on the first day of my session… They made me take the BMI, noted the weight, the therapist issued a gross look once the paper print is out. I was like, its okay im going to be lean… Don’t worry…  We exchanged silences as I was lead to a room where aroma of oils were evident.

I was made to change in to another robe where the massage could be easily done over the fatty layers of my body. ON the first day, I felt, what.......?? are you going to run your hands on my body ? NO , I won’t let you do it.She giggled , No mam , its not on your body , its on your fat, you don’t even feel it with so much fat beneath. Ting……….Thats a cold blooded joke and I can’t help giving a dry smile while feeling like killing her at that instant.

After an initial massage, they wrapped something around my body to preserve the oils and they want me to run on a treadmill for 20 minutes.

I exclaimed !!! Not Again......  should I be doing physical activity after paying much? And No,  its not my job, its your job to reduce me to a decent weight. She explained that I need physical activity  as well to reduce faster and its part of the weightloss program: That was my first disappointment with  this slimming centre : Physical activity inclusive …nahhhh…I though i should be doing nothingsad

Well with much hush hush and great difficulty I completed this treadmill of 20 minutes  with 3 pauses and 4 water breaks. Then I was made to wear some heat machines and lie down and watch TV for at least 40 minutes. I felt Woah, its not that bad as it sounds and I drifted to a dream land watching my favorite program on TV: I woke up to the thrapists’ s  harsh voice,mam please wake up , you are not supposed to sleep, you are on a strict weight loss program. The word” Strict” came as a blow to me,  you said it’s a simple program ? with nothing much to be done from my end?another gross look : I thought she would ask me, which place I belong to? Thankfully she did not.

After the session, I was lead to a room where a dietician was waiting for me to provide the diet chart. She handed me the chart which matches my BMI and told strictly to follow the same and avoid sugars and carbohydrates totally. Diet ??What are you guys doing when all the diet and physical activity is done by me ? Why are you here? And why did I pay you? She explained that they will help me reduce weight faster and break the fat molecules with massage and therapies while I make them eliminate with my food and physical activity.

Day 1 of the weight loss session is an utter disappointment, I was shocked to learn that I have to give-up my  tea and coffee and replace with green tea. I cursed myself indulging in this heinous act. We checked weight after the session and I reduced some 200 gms weight on day 1: She said its not bad and I will catch up on the consecutive sessions.

The sessions were on alternate day, while I try hard to restrict myself on diet as per the chart to stay stable on my previous checked weight( They will check weight before and after session and note it ) I need to maintain the last weight if not less. Weekends completely shattered my program as I craved for my favourite foods and gulped some more, sympathsing myselfwink On Monday when I stepped on the scale to check weight, to my horror, it showed 1.5 kgs more than the previous one: I did not dare to match eye to the therapist  and keep my head low to avoid embarrassment.

This slimming center as many others, promised to reduce the weight, with the perfect marketing strategies, where lambs like me fall very quick to just shed weight without doing anything: After all , we are paying them… If only that’s too easy: I learnt this package is  5kg weight loss+ 2 inch loss sessions+ free consultation +free BMi+free headache +free false hopes+ free motive to kill somebody

My dumbness on weight loss did not end here.. Watch this space for another part of my next idiotic trial on fitness

If you are desperate on how much weight I lost in slimming centre, I would say it’s around 500- 800 gms: Yes that’s the right figure: on the ninth session, the consultant told me that I’m not reducing as per the schedule as I have chosen a wrong package, as  I needed inch loss not the weight loss; She offered me another package with a hefty amount and assured once again to make me lean in 2-3 months .I thought o running as far as I could , but  held myself there to answer . I told her I shall decide and pay in the next session, which was going to be the last session as per my package.

Needless to mention, neither did I go to the last session, nor have had a positive thing on the slimming centers and the blah blah they do:

And C’mon , how would you expect yourself to drastically change the  diet while you were eating lavishly all through your life? And how would you expect a lazy person like you to go through all the physical activity happily. It ended up on a sore thought that my body is built like that and I could not get the lean shape ever, never.

And then again, I sincerely consoled myself, that im not overweight, im just a bit over chubby and im pretty: While in my mind , I always sketch myself as the old teenage girl with proper looks if not great: First time in lie my mind and heart perfectly co ordinated and said yes, you look fine , no more thoughts

See ya pals, catch me on my next escapede @My weight loss journey with Pills


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