My weight loss journey-- An Introduction

My weight loss journey-- An Introduction

By: Shan
23 Feb 2016

Hey Beautiful people out there!! Before I pen down my never ending journey of weight loss, lets get accustomed with a brief introduction of where this has started.

Weight loss seem to be a taboo in the recent times: you can find weight loss topic in almost every female conversation: Calories, sugar, fitness are the general terms that women inflict in their talks like coffee and tea.

Being pretty during childhood seem to have given me so much hyped confidence that I did not realize being turned to a hippo until at least a decade: I have always felt that I look fine, just a bit overweight:

I did not care about audience (My family and friends) wheeling out on how stout I look and how pretty I was earlier. Nah...This aint going to decrease my confidence to an inch , and how ?? I felt pretty on each stage of my weight gain...

I feel its due to wearing oversized dresses all through my teens. I was always relaxed when the dress I wear fits in comfortably and never ever checked again in the mirror, as I felt I was okay. Until one day, During initial days of my employment, I tried my hands on the fitting dresses as suggested by friends :

Surprisingly, each month the old dresses refuse to fit in . That means Im adding kilos each month to my pretty body: The poor things ( my dresses) seem to plead me to leave them alone and do not try to fit in .

The scary and ugly truth of me being huge came in my mind then and I was perplexed on my idiocy and bluntness to have it accepted very late.

Another big reason for my obesity is probably being a chicken maniac, yes you heard that right, when its food, it is inevitable that chicken is included in it, otherwise it’s not food at all.

Mom innocent always fed me with my favorite dishes and I ate like a dinosaur and still I heard her say to the neighbors “She doesn’t eat properly, and have no interest in food”.. Common mom, I know mothers are like this but you are awesomely cute and liberal in saying this, while its totally untrue!!

“8 out of 10 chicken have been consumed by meMy friends commented , when I told them that I’m on diet, they say, okay the figure is 7 then(not 8!);Woah , common guys, please believe me , im on diet, i heard myself

The obvious thing I did was to research online and take help on how to reduce weight.

Well there is a lot of encyclopedia and I sincerely copied and pasted whatever relevant information I got and made my mind that I shall follow all the diets in the world( All of them at once, how gross!!) and I ensured myself that Il be reducing weight in a matter of months.

Little did I know that this journey would take years to the dream?and many inner battles to cover.

After following the rigorous diet for 2 days ,yes exactly 2 days with carbohydrate less meal plan, I felt sorry for myself for not having food to my heart’s content , I dropped the plan and started having the old food again, yes you guessed it right… Chicken again!!!

Tune in to my next step in the weighloss journey , Read the next part here






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