Mom, Im sorry I hated you for this. Now I adore you a bit more

Mom, Im sorry I hated you for this. Now I adore you a bit more

27 Dec 2016

8;15 am : It’s a general morning , I just returned home after a blasting aerobics Class , yearning for a cup of tea. Well, while many of fitness freaks gulp on their protein supplements after workout, I prefer my morning tea just after workout. Weird, yeah that’s how I describe myself too.

The maid is busy finishing her chores and I offered her parathas I was just making. She gladly accepted it as she did not have breakfast , being  busy with the cores in the neighborhood.

Although that’s a general act , my maid turned to me with gratitude and her eyes showing deep respect . I wonder if the food is too spicy , or the maid really hungry . I wondered what made her behave so different today.

She told me “ Amma, I have been doing chores for atleast 30 years now and I have been offered food at various places . But I did not see any lady/girl/woman of your age serving me hot food , made just then and that too in the plates your family consumes food. I always have a separate plate and glass at the places I work, but I didn’t find any at yours . I sometimes see that you consume tea from the broken cup and offer me the proper one. I have been habituated with the difference everybody is showing towards me , accepting that im not equal to you. What I see at your home , makes me believe that im human too amma, Its not that others treat me bad, but you treat me too good to be your maid. You always call my name with respect and for that , I admire you secretly and offer my presence whenever you need any extra assistance from me, but you never took that from me.

I wonder people like you exist and we have a goal now to learn how to raise our children and grand children”.

Although she is praising me for the act,MY head is spinning with the thoughts and I hang it with shame deep inside. Its all because of my MOM, an angel in disguise. I wanted to shout and tell you ma, im very sorry we hated you when you offered generous amount of food to the neighbors when we have a feast. We , as children then did not know the act of GIVINg, the happiness in it, All we knew was the piece of our share was going to somebody else. We siblings hated you as we felt you want everybody to love you. And that’s the reason you offer food to everybody visiting our house, irrespective of what time they did arrive.

And today , people love me for the little act I do. Not even close to 5 % of what you do. How ma, Are you too good to be Human, or we fail to be one.

And now , that Im grown up, whenever I have to offer, my hands automatically give a handful more, thinking whether it would suffice. That’s because I have seen you give like that. How strange that I adapted that from you without actually knowing it. And like how, Im glad doing that today.


 You never taught us to be indifferent to other religion/caste/creed. You gave same warmth to everyone irrespective of their social status. Noting the fact that we were not so Well to do  at that time, you have proved that GIVING is the HIGHEST STANDARD of LIVING and you surpassed every richness in the world. For that, you are not just a hero, but a SUPER  HERO  for me.

Ps: Don’t ever think that I would follow you in everything, I just envy your nature of giving , not your tastes or choice of colors for my dresses, Sorrycheeky




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