Modi government is under attack by the top most newspapers of the World

Modi government is under attack by the top most newspapers of the World

By: Shan
24 Feb 2016

Two of the world’s leading newspapers are blaming Modi’s government as authoritarian drift which displays the mentality of the lynch mob n the recent days. 

India is the everstruggling land in which a violent clash between the freedom forming advocates and the Modi’s government is regular phenomena in now a day stated by NYT (New-york Times). According to the economic reforms report, this confrontation may rise up serious concerns on the current BJP- alliance government and able attempt stall the parliament progress.

All these types of controversies rose after arresting Kanhaiya Kumar, the Leader of JNU students on the activity of speeching against the government by stating that “Violence is acceptable under the name ultra-nationalism. Even courts are not supposed to treat as safe place, so challenge the BJP or state until you are exposed to danger”.

After posting this into twitter, world’s popular tennis star, Martina Navratilova has re-tweeted and commented as “ultra-nationalism turns into worse violence by giving solid strength to the consequences. The leading daily of France, ‘Le Monde’ editorial is claiming that Indian democracy is unusually clouded since the formation of Modi government.

Due to account of arresting the JNU student leader and also a former professor, the government has been accused of carrying authoritarian drift that comes from the Hindu government and has been done it to silence the criticizers. The foreign editorial said that, these Hindu nationalists considers themselves as they are only defending the Indian flag and are unfairly criticized by their saffron flag preference. NYT stated that, the mentality of lynch mob is considered as the responsibility by the current government.Also it claimed that Indian citizens has democratic right to voice up their agony when any type of threat they felt even from the government authorities as well. This newspaper criticized Modi that, dwell in his party and in the presence of his ministers and forget about the progress of India.

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