Lordly Move of Barcelonaian Messi  Sink the Hopes of Arsenal in the Champions League

Lordly Move of Barcelonaian Messi Sink the Hopes of Arsenal in the Champions League

By: Shan
24 Feb 2016

The tyrant player of the Barcelona, Lionel Messi has broken the shackles of Arsenal players with 2 goals that are kicked lately into the nets. This has been a severe unwelcome for the holders of champion league to digest the unanticipated clinical attack by losing with 0-2 in the legs of Barcelona team. This credit is completely accredited to the magical Messi’s performance in the emirates stadium at London.

Arsenal team has irrepressible support from its team members but Barcelona remains strong until the win of match. Reporters have confessed that Arsene Wenger solidly defended up to 71 minutes before the crumbling has makeup in the match. Arsenals stated they feel guilty as they put their best effort but could not succeed. Messi’s clinical attack has given thorn hitting experience to the arsenal team from the previous two occasions of the champion’s leagues.

In 2010 Messi scored in the last 16 seconds time to send Barca out and then he also struck Spain in a win-win game with 3-1 performance. This is the hat-trick masterful move of the Messi in the champions league matches. It has been a bad time for Arsenal that when they got chance but Alex Oxlade has scooped the shot directly into the goal keeps arms. The dropping mistake of the Arsenal team is to focus on the forward team and forgot about the defense, so it has got the stung after the break.

An astonishing surprise is felt by the entire stadium that occurred within the seconds’ time when the match is going to end between Arsenal and Barcelona at emirates stadium. The Barcelonaian goal seems to be like stiletto immersed in the ribs to the Arsenal team. Because the victory is not the promised one instead it is gifted for the swiftness and brilliancy displayed by the Barcelona team. Felling into the Barcelona penalty area has sealed the fate of Arsenal.

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