It’s not the way you have brought-up- Your partner’s Lifestyle is what makes you Obese

It’s not the way you have brought-up- Your partner’s Lifestyle is what makes you Obese

By: Shan
25 Feb 2016

 It is revealed by the Researcher-“Your partner’s Lifestyle is the actual reason that leads to your Obesity”.

Here is fact, if you are really worrying about your health and struggling to balance a healthy weight, it is the right time that you need to talk with your partner. 

Researchers, now are claiming that it is the lifestyle of a person that highly influences his/her partner’s health and can be the prior reason to their obese rather than thinking of their upbringing.
Scientists from the Edinburg University have claimed that the needs and choices that are made by the couples at their early age regarding to diet, work and exercise, further shows a great impact rather than the lifestyle shared with their parents or siblings while growing up.
Researchers have also stated that their study on various couples will assist scientists better aware and understand between the genetics, obesity and lifestyle habits. According to their findings, the foremost reason of a person’s changing lifestyle completely relies on the changes that take place during their adulthood with respect to the food that they take and work that they choose, significantly impacts on their and partner’s lifestyle tackling with obesity irrespective of a person’s genetic profile.

Lead researchers have said that although the factor of genetics accounts has a significant influence behind the variation and changes in many people. But out of 10, 9 people are influencing through the changes in the lifestyle in their adulthood. It is the way of you talk, walk and take food that widely changes the lifestyle of your partner too.

Professor Chris Haley also added to his statement that the findings and research have shown that people who are coming from a history of obesity families can actually reduce the risk of being obese by positively changing their lifestyle in their adulthood.


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