Indian IT giant has now become “Business Super brand” of UK for 2016

Indian IT giant has now become “Business Super brand” of UK for 2016

By: Shan
24 Feb 2016

Indian leading company TCS has been labeled as the business super brand of UK for the current fiscal year (2016). This act has been greatly strengthened to elevate its brand in the global regions. The award has been announced after surveying and evaluating the UK’s long-running annual reports of various companies since 2001. Superbrand recognition is the recent achievement for TCS, prior to this it has been ladder up to the world’s top most IT-Services brand which has been given by the Brand finance with AA+ rating and 78.3 points score.

The current award has been announced by considering three criterions: reliability, quality and distinction. 1500 (nearly) brands are evaluated for this business Superbrand award.   After declaring the super brand award to the TCS, head of the UK wing Shankar Narayan stated that “It’s been a great honor to identify as the top brand among the pioneer influential brands and most of which are TCS partners and clients.” Finally he also showed gratitude towards the employees of TCS – UK by claiming them as the company’s brand ambassadors.

TCS is termed as the fast growing brand from 6 years back onwards. The company has received 286 percent growth rate from 2010 to 2016. It has displayed an outstanding increment in its brand value from the above respective period, i.e. $2.34 billion (2010) to $9.04 (2016) billion according to the authoritative statistics of the TCS.It has gained the trust for large number of customers through its versatile client satisfying services.

It is accepted as the best performing brand by the various markets experts of the business-to-business and also from several set of business professionals. These reports are obtained by performing a survey on 2,500 business professionals from UK.

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