How to enlighten Skin tone during Pregnancy?

How to enlighten Skin tone during Pregnancy?

By: Shan
25 Feb 2016

Pigmentation is the common problem to the entire woman. You may though of treating those issues after the delivery. But, remember it will be a hard deal for you to get the promising results even though opting for the high end beauty services. These are the simple remedies that can be done at your home and if you follow these during and after pregnancy your skin tome is illuminating around the people surrounding to you. These tips do not include any chemicals but purely natural.

Tips to get rid of the Pigmentation skin problems during the pregnancy are as follows:

     Gently apply aloe vera fresh pulp on your face. If not available, take sufficient lime juice, tomato juice, or cucumber juice and mix evenly with milk and massage on darkened areas.

    Take few almonds and saffron stems and grind them and mix that with milk. Apply on the areas where you need improvement and wash it after completely drying the mixture on your face.

    Prepare a face pack with simple steps, it won’t take much time. Take aloe-vera pulp, papaya leafs powder, rose powder (dried), multanimatti, and turmeric powder in milk or water. Apply the mixture and wash with water after completely drying into your face. This face pack improves blood circulation and also improves skin tone. Apart from these uses, this pack functions as the bleaching agent to your skin that stands effectively beneficial for the pregnant woman. 

    Take the skin of lemon, i.e. rind and dip that in turmeric-powder, then directly apply it on pigmented areas. If you have got any stretch marks due to pregnancy then you can apply it on the areas where it causes itching. 

Note: The above mentioned are naturally available and herbal. Some woman skin is excessively sensitive to some natural available fruits or herbal which is very rare. But check with them before applying those.


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