Funny exam answers by kids

Funny exam answers by kids

By: Shan
24 Feb 2016

Current generation younger lot is too creative and funny: Have a check on the exam answers some of these geniuses have given

1)      1. Because every mark is important!!



Remarks from frustrated teachers also appear on some of the papers, with comments such as 'I am extremely tempted to give you full credit for this'

One teacher seemed rather impressed with this student's 'math machine' drawing

6)      Chinese language, even the teacher doesn’t know


8)      Beer law



10)   Gotcha

12)   Ohh peter!!

13)   Because mama is so sweet!!


15)   Until I get to remember other names, count them in 

16)   How true is that!!

17)   Is it that difficult?

18)   Clever!!

19)   I have my own answer!!

20)   Even kids knew it

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