Fitness Tips from Top Most Indian Actress

Fitness Tips from Top Most Indian Actress

By: Shan
25 Feb 2016

Fittest actresses from India are listed here, but do not follow the order of the list. After keenly analyzing their fitness tips we came to know that ‘healthy lifestyle’ is the one that remained behind those peoples charisma. 
List of Bollywood Fit Actress:
1) DeepikaPadukone 

Fitness Tips:
        Badminton Player
        Regular exercise, positive thinking and yoga
        Daily walks 30 minutes
        Small meals at 2 hour intervals
        Scuba diver (certified),  dives in the sky and water
2)Priyanka Chopra

Fitness Tips:
        Balanced diet and practice yoga
        Takes food in 2 hour intervals
        Daily walks 30 minutes
        Daily takes fruits and green vegetables
        4 hours workouts per week
3) Anushka Sharma

Fitness Tips:
        Exercise as per religious and never skips by any means
        Enjoys yoga
       Dances and Jogs regularly
        Avoids to take junk foods
        Drinks 3-4 liters  water daily

4) SonamKapoor

Fitness Tips:
        Lost 35 kgs weight after getting the movie chance of Saawariya
        Eats food moderately
        Takes food in 2 hour gap and likes to eat dry fruits and nuts
        To keep high energy levels drinks lots of fluids
       Avoids excess salt, red meat and sugar in food
5) Parineeti Chopra

Fitness Tips:
        With healthy diet and intense workouts reduced her excessive weight
       Cardio, swimming, jogging, horse riding and yoga are her exercise regime
       Stay away from junk foods
        Eats dinner 2 hour prior to bed time

6) Alia Bhatt

Fitness Tips:
        Reduced 16kgs in three months for movies chances
        Prefers fresh fruits, salads, yogurt, low-card and oats
        Excluded refined flour, junk food and sugar from foods
        Weekly does 3-4 times workouts like cycling, swimming, running, dancing, kickboxing and yoga
7) ShilpaShetty

Fitness Tips:
        Strict diet for 6 days in a week
        5 days workouts in a week
        1 day for cardio, 2 days for yoga and 2 days for strength training
       Lost 20kgs that gained due to pregnancy with strong diet regime and dedicated exercises

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