Epic Spelling errors on boards that gets you trolled

Epic Spelling errors on boards that gets you trolled

By: Shan
16 Dec 2015

1) It meant wash basin

Gents, you may wash your hands here.

2) Why you launch dinner?

How about a quick launch? 

3) Check on ladies and gents

Welcome, leadies and jents!

4) Its momos: poor mom become dragon

Moms makes the best moms. 

5) So honest, serving past food??

Past food is the best food!

6) Drink safe before driving??

Or maybe something stronger. 

7) Beer for children??

Nothing, NOTHING like a child bear to wash it all down.

8)  too many??

9) food

Foot in the mouth. 

10) Haircut for children..

Cut your child here.

11) tired of saying it in english

Get your eybro perched. 

12) No comments

Be careful. Naked people ahead.

13) But why?

Who doesn't like to sleep on these? 

14) Its school , it must be right


15) Why include chemicals for new year??

Have yourself a nonmetallic, chemical new year! 

16) No , please Good lord


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