Discovered the therapy to the trafficking victims- Indian classical Dance has that Magic

Discovered the therapy to the trafficking victims- Indian classical Dance has that Magic

By: Shan
25 Feb 2016

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, it has been proved that the Indian classical dance can show a great magical way for treating the victims of sexual violence and human trafficking. The form of dance would effectively help in making these victims to come out from their traumatic experiences, furthermore gain awareness and confidence within self, as depicted by a pilot study.

As per the six month study, through the classical dance movement, 50 female survivors of the trafficking in Mumbai and Kolkata are found to overcome their depression, anger, anxiety,and post-traumatic stress; and also have helped in regaining lost confidence. This method has shown a quick recovery of the victims over the therapy provided in the rehabilitation centers and via traditional counselling.

“Dance is all about the body and movements, where the women are shown to be more familiar with the various dance forms. And so we can positively help the victims to heal and recreate more strength to their body image as well,” said by the Thomson Reuters foundation.

More often, the rehabilitation centers present in India are having inadequate of the equipment and also inconsistent to the culture where it either treats more negatively or encourages less for them to speak up during counselling. In India, Gender based violence remains at a peak level that has reported more than 330,000 crime cases against women so far since 2014, as per the National Crime Records Bureau.

The cases of rapes, sexual abusing and molesting have become more in the country that is leading to the growth of the psychological problem to the survivors of those crimes. The notion of dance acts as a magical therapy that powerfully brings a positive energy and confidence, enabling the victims to fight with their fear.

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