Call for action by Donald trump. Boycott the Apple in San Bernardino Legal Issue

Call for action by Donald trump. Boycott the Apple in San Bernardino Legal Issue

By: Shan
23 Feb 2016

FBI director, James Comey has penned an emotional open letter to the Apple and requested them to obey to the judge’s order to unlock iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist shooters. Apple refused federal order by stating this type of encryption creates the backdoor to undermine their reputation that may affect their future devices. 

But Comney’s posted emotive letter has urged to reconsider their decision as the context is related to the heart-breaking emotional case. He stated FBI intention is not to break someone’s encryption or to set the master key company to lose its stand in the business land but is the issue of justice and victims.

14 people are slaughtered and so many bodies and lives are ruined by this attack. The reason to ask for iPhone encryption break is to investigate the victims as per law. We cannot give life to the lost lives or damaged bodies but FBI needs to address to the people of America, whom are expecting nothing but justice. 

Apple CEO said though there are implications which are beyond the legal issues at the hands then Comey responded in the open letter that their pose is quite narrow. The intent of the requesting to break the encryption of iPhone is to trace the pass code of the terrorist before the self-destruction happened to it. US Justice Department demanded to immediately hand over the technical tools access of the particular iPhone.
Apple refused to give the access by considering the future business strategy but not taking it as a legal matter. Trump calls to boycott the Apple until it obeys to the court order. When a judge asked to give the technical details to hack the Apple iPhone, then CEO Tim Cook fired on the US legal department that government is trying to hack iPhone users.

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