Boys, Do not blame the women community when something in your girl is not right.

Boys, Do not blame the women community when something in your girl is not right.

By: Shan
13 Apr 2016

Its high time that you stop leveraging your jokes on girls using boys for luxuries, to pay for their shopping, for their phone recharge etc. If you choose a teenage minded girl, its your fault and you choose to blame on the entire women in the world. Real women struggle her partner, be there in all kith and kin, stand beside him no matter what the situation is! she never wants her partner to struggle alone, wants to be there in all his hardships more than the happy moments.

The jokes are not appropriate anymore. While we see women working harder, standing strong for difficult situations, maintaining work life balance etc. Gone are the days where you blame your female friends that they are not brave enough to fight for love to the course of marriage. Now a days, what I see is the stubborn girls who could do everything to get their love while the boys hide under the mask of a good boy for their parents and tie the knot on their parent's wish

Before you stupidly comment on a girl’s character, put yourselves in their shoes. When they are on their periods, pregnancy, etc.. feeling horrible? Then what extra qualification you have that makes you so worthy compared to girls. Can you calmly gulp down your inlaws critique statements? She does.  can you cook and serve 100s of our spouse’s relative and smile when you are not feeling like it? She does. Can you say im fine when actually you are not when your spouse is leaving home for important work? She does. Theres  a clear difference between a maturity and immaturity in women. What you chose should impact you not the whole female community.
ITs your job to choose the girl wisely, you fall for her looks and ignore all the qualities while committing and then bash all the women around the world? How gross can it go?

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