Boys adore their sisters

Boys adore their sisters

By: Shan
16 Dec 2015

1)      You never make excuses when it comes to her security. You could do everything and anything just to make sure she is safe.

2)      You would trick her to give her things , food items and pocket money and she , being an innocent worm happily endures your requests

3)      You get incredibly crazy with her senseless talks, her inability at solving Maths, her technical and technological skills that you want to run away.

4)      You get emotional when its time to get her married to a stranger.. You end up doing background verification of that Groom to be .. Without anybody knowing.. Just to make sure she is in safe hands….

5)      you fold your arms first time before God, kneel down before him to pray for the successful married life of your sister … when she is leaving to the Groom’s place

6)      You become extremely nervous when your sister carries her first child. You tend to hide your nervousness as everyone else around is happy and silently pray everything goes fine …

7)      The happiest moment for you is to carry your niece and hold the newborn for long time to feel in your arms.. Never want to part with…

8)      Now if the newborn is a girl again, your happiness bound no limits and the history repeats…. If you are a younger one, you would enjoy all the pampering and gifts from your sister and respect her to a deadly extent that you save her mobile number as “ Angel”

1)      You can talk almost every non -sense to her and she listens it with her heart and warn you of your mistakes

2)      She is the one who makes you understand of the feminity and you respect all female in the world just because of her.

3)        You can tell her that you have bunked on exams and went to a movie with a friend and she enjoys your adventures

4)      She laughs at your lamest jokes and thoroughly enjoys your company. 

5)      You insist on being seated next to her and you never get bored of the long journeys. She is a savior on the boring family reunions and the functions.

6)      You can always trust her when you fail in your exams and she will hide it from your parents with all her might and save you  from disasters

7)      She always wants to find ways to gift you with luxuries, so that you enjoy with the best things in the world.

8)      You always tell your parents, I will stay with her even after marriage.. whatever situation it may be.. 

9)      You get extremely happy when she buys you a laptop at a tender age and boast it to your friends, who do not possess it yeImage result for boasting gadgets to friends
10)   You lavishly help your friends out of their problems as you know.. When you run out of money.. your sister is always there for rescue

11)   She is the strength for you in your critical situations. She tells you how to solve the problem and gives a hand to sort out instead of crying and making a mess out of it

12)   Introducing your girlfriend at home becomes easier for you with your sister around; she will take care of your parents anyway!

13)   You want her to never part with you and silently wish if there is any way that  she never gets married …

14)   You get extremely hurt when she marries her choice of husband against your parent’s wish. And tend to hate all the female.. you just want her to love you..not anyone out

15)   You silently pray that she is safe with that stranger and pray god to shift all her burdens to you.. so that you do something to repay her 

16)   With time, you accept that she has a heart and she could take the decision on her own and choice of her own.. and you respect that

17)   Once in a lifetime, your parents envy your relation … and hear them say” Go ask your sister, don’t come to me” Image result for introducing girlfriend to parents
18)   The place of a sister is never replaced… That solace, comfort, the happiness, cheerfulness … neither your mother could give,…nor your wife… your sister is just amazing to be assumed replaced….
Image result for my sister princess
19)   Her kids will be your best buddies and then you start looking for all the best qualities of your sister in them … but could not find.. Because she is the one and only beautiful soul which is attached and dearest to you….

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