Assuring Zika Zero Olympics by South American Brazil

Assuring Zika Zero Olympics by South American Brazil

By: Shan
24 Feb 2016

WHO director, Chan says Brazil took the great responsibility of tackling Zika Virus to ensure safe environment for the visitors and athletes of the upcoming Olympics happening at august 2016. Chan also stated Brazil has done and doing the combat against the Zika virus spread in the Brazilian society through the mosquitoes. Zika is the virus that has swiftly surrounded the America from the last year onwards. 
Again WHO director told that Brazil government is closely working on the upcoming Olympic movement by organizing a Brazil local committee to target mosquitoes to ensure maximum protection for their athletes and also visitors as well. After meeting Brazil president Rousseff, Chan made all these statements. Zika is the virus that affects the head size of the new born babies, i.e. either the size of the head is smaller or bigger that is abnormal to the proportion of the body. Zikaalso makes-up neurological disorders in the just born babies.

Brazil expresses due to the Zika virus birth defects are forming but the linage link between Zika and birth disorders need to be established yet. On February 1, 2016 WHO declares that Zika has been spread into more than 30 countries and listed it into the international-health emergency list. 

Authorities of Brazil scrabble to outbreak the Zika to stay away from their visitors and players in Rio-de-Janeiro before five months prior to the Olympic movement start. There is no cure for the Zika invented up to now, reducing the population of the mosquitoes is the better remedy that practicing by the government. Since, Zika virus containing mosquito may spread chikungunya and dengue viruses.Finally Chan claim that though mosquito seems to be difficult but beating up the Brazil’s commitment is unworkable.

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